Why Have a Trade Show Booth If You Don't Get Any Leads?

With Guider 10x Content systems, you get all the content you need for event marketing including an ebook, email campaigns, social media, blogging in one affordable package. We handle all of the planning, writing, and design, and even take care of posting and sending of content to your audience for one low price.

We Provide Pre and Post Show Marketing Designed To Drive Attendance, Traffic, and Sales.

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"I've just signed up for the starter pack and I can't believe how effective and easy it is for us to use Guider to create content!" ~ Mike Brown P&W BMW

Whats Included?

All The Content Below, Including Design, Writing, Advertising Management, Software, PLUS A Dedicated Marketing Account Manager!

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We provide you with a beautiful well written E-Book to attract and entice prospects that builds trust and shows thought leadership in your indistry.

A Personalized E-Book

Content System  Details

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We provide two landing pages that are designed to help drive lead generation. A marketing landing page for downloading your E-Book and a sales page to encourage people to engage. 

1 Marketing + 1 Sales 

Landing Page.

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We build marketing emails that are engaging and don't annoy your prospects, and sales emails that encourage prospects to engage.

12 Marketing and 

6 Sales Emails

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We provide social media posts that encourage people to read your blogs and keep your brand regularly engaged on social media channels.

12 Social Media Posts

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Each blog post is based on sections of your ebook and posted regularly to keep people engaged and increase your Google ranking.

12 Blog Posts

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Our content systems use special activity signals to score your leads and send them special messages that help encourage them to get in touch with you, and notify you when people are ready to buy so you can reach out to them.

Lead Scoring and Notifications

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We provide you with a marketing expert who will work with you on a monthly basis to keep you on track and using the system to its fullest.

A Dedicated Marketing Expert

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An Extra Viral Booster for Pinterest and Instagram

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